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  • £99.99

    Abloy PL362 Hardened Steel Padlock

    The world’s toughest lock - the ABLOY 362A genuine Abloy PL362 made in Finland, has the enviable title of being the most secure padlock in the worl...

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  • £34.99

    Abloy PL330 Steel Padlock Steel Shackle

    Abloy PL 330 PadlockABLOY padlocks provide maximum resistance against physical attack. The hardened, free-spinning protection plate prevents drill ...

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  • £109.99

    Union C-Series 1K57 Hercules Padlock

    Union C-Series 1K57 Hercules Concealed Shackle Padlock The Union series concealed padlock is a hardened solid steel body with completely concealed ...

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  • £54.99

    Abloy PL340 Steel Padlock with Shackle Guard

    ABLOY PL340 Steel Padlock with Shackle GuardExtra-strong padlocks for applications where high security is required. Ideal for construction equipmen...

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