Vintage British Army Olive Trousers


Original issue British Army Olive combat trousers, before it was phased out and replaced by the solider 95 dpm camo pattern. A pair of trousers around since the 80’s, these trousers have stood the test of time and are still a very efficient, lightweight and comfortable combat trouser.

Made from a cotton(33%)/polyester(66%) blend. These trousers have wide 3.5inch belt loops, with button fasteners.

Trousers also feature waist clips, allowing an extra 2inches, meaning no belt is necessary to be worn - very much like the U.S style BDU trousers.


  • 2 Slash pockets
  • 1 Back pocket with button Closure
  • Straight Cut Fitting
  • Waist adjusters
  • Not prone to fading like other camo pattern trousers
  • Steel Zip fly and top button closure
  • Used condition, may come with scuff marks or small repairs