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USMC Marine Assault Marpat Woodland IkgE Gen II Backpack

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In early 2004 the mass production began in the IkgE packs (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) to replace the heavier MOLLE packs (Modular Light Load Carrying Equipment) and was designed by U.S. marines to provide a durable and lightweight means of transporting clothing and their equipment.

The IkgE Pack is designed to carry a load of up to 60 kg but at the same time it distributes the weight so it is comfortable to wear. The key features of the convenience of packages is in their internal structure with 2 metal ribs on the sides and 2 larger spars in the middle. These spars are already shaped to fit the back of most users, but can be skewed and bent if need be.

With the wide hip belt in place the load on your back will be distributed around your body with less pressure points. Two straps can be adjusted to custom fit your body and has a chest strap that can be raised or lowered to fit both men and women. You will also find heavy duty zippers on both sides to access the main compartment with ease.

The back of the package offers the possibility to customise your pack with MOLLE accessories and pouches by using the MOLLE straps and includes an inner sleeve within the bag to help keep a hydration system in place.

  • Designed by Arc’teryx
  • Manufactured by Propper
  • Approximate size - 45 x 25 x 15cm
  • Main compartment approx 35L but can be extended up to 70L with molle pouches
  • Chest strap with quick release buckle
  • Hip belt with quick release buckle that can be tucked into back of bag
  • May have scuff marks, words and be slightly faded as has seen action and use.

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