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U.S Army Extreme Cold Weather Fishtail Parka

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Created in the 1960's by the US Army, this is the second gen “fishtail parka” that the mod wore back in 1960's/70's Britain. Nowadays, a few years on this jacket has not lost any uniqueness and is now a very uncommon and hard to find item. This item is very similar to the original M-51 parka and was issued just before the M65 field jacket became the standard issued jacket to U.S troop in Vietnam. This jacket was issued for extreme cold weather, and uses the same hood as the original m-65 jacket.

Your item may or may not come with a fur hood and the lining may be slightly different on each, i.e. some have fur pile, some are synthetic polyester.

  • Comes with hood, may not match exactly in colour
  • Hard to find and rare item, once its gone, its gone.
  • 100% Cotton outer
  • Button in quilted/fur pile liner
  • Button in hood
  • 2 front pockets
  • Adjustable buttoned cuffs
  • Completely original and genuine
  • Large velcro patch to cover over neck and protect from wind and rain
  • Brass alloy zip
  • Good overall condition for such an old item / these were probably made in the 80's

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