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U.S Army Magnesium Snow Shoes with Bindings

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US Army Military Snow Shoes/Magnesium Surplus Snow Shoes Surplus

Before heading off on another exciting winter adventure take the time to check out the real deal in snowshoes, specially made for the US military, snowshoes are individual aids for movement across snow covered terrain, when shoes or boots just wont do the job. Like skis, they provide flotation on a snow surface and are useful for cross-country marches and other activities that require able movement in snow.

Made by the US military as their current issue snow shoes these are used by US mountain infantry divisions and special forces, light weight around 4.5 kgs. very strong, white in colour and made of magnesium alloy.

Flotation is provided by the webbing, which is closely laced and prevents the snowshoe from sinking too deeply into the snow when weight is placed upon it. Depth and consistency of snow will determine the amount of support obtained on the snow cover and the rate of movement.

These US Military Magnesium Snowshoes are made of a lightweight but indestructible magnesium frame, with stainless steel rubber-coated wire rope interior that will last for donkeys years! The white frames blend with the snow. Snowshoes measure Width 12½ inches x Length 47½ inches and comes complete with wide nylon strap bindings and quick release buckles.

When not in use in the field, snowshoes are placed in temporary racks, hung in trees, or placed upright in the snow. They should be kept away from open fires and out of reach of rodents. Magnesium snowshoes should be cleaned and repainted if necessary.

Features Include;

Ultra light magnesium alloy frame with welded grip cleats

Aluminium wire lattice with plastic coating

nylon strap bindings with quick release buckles

Constructed to military specifications

As all these items may have seen military use, sometimes present are small scrapes or scratches.