U.S Army Leather / Goretex ECWS Cold Weather Gloves


These are some serious gloves and not to be taken lightly. Featuring complete warmth, waterproofing and breathability – these gloves are a whole system in one. With probably a trillion+ dollars invested into researching and developing them, we’re pretty convinced that the American’s got this one right. Made exclusively in the USA by Ansell an official supplier to the US Dept. of Defence the advanced technology provides ultimate comfort with thermal and liquid protection in intermediate cold and wet conditions.

Despite the fact that these are standard issue for troops in colder climates, they are designed to meet the stringent needs of the US Military in varying conditions such as Intermediate, Wet and Cold.

This glove provides excellent warmth in 0˚ to - 40˚ F, and it's durably waterproof, windproof and breathable. It also offers superior operability for combat, vehicle operating and heavy-duty work activities.

We have tried to represent the gloves as best we can with our high quality images, but they really don’t do it justice. They are light, yet meaty and will offer brilliant protection against any outdoor condition. These things are thick as anything yet still allow you to operate and use your fingers. Buy them and see what everyone is raving about.

Sold as used, but in perfectly serviceable condition.

Features Include:

  • Quilted polyester insulation, liner and fleece wrist cuffs provide thermal protection

  • GORE-TEX® insert keeps insulation dry, prevents heat loss and protects against sand, rain, snow and ice, which increases the ability to operate in harsh conditions for longer periods

  • Breathable GORE-TEX® insert allows perspiration to escape so hands stay drier, more comfortable and less susceptible to blistering

  • Liner is specially designed to enhance trigger finger flexibility and overall dexterity for operating combat zone vehicles and equipment

  • Made of durable Goatskin, provides protection from cuts and punctures as well as durability to withstand heavy-duty activities

  • GORE-TEX® insert adds penetration resistance to JP-8 and other Petroleum/Oils/Lubricants, as well as DEET