U.S Army Steel Canteen 'Butterfly' Cup


This canteen cup is genuine U.S military issue and is designed to fit the 1 quart plastic canteen. This has been standard issue to U.S Troops since the M-1956 load bearing equipment came into use and still going strong. A testament to the quality and durability!

Uses strong heavy gauge stainless steel and comes with the butterfly handles, so you can use it as a cup.

These are brand new, never been issued.


  • Created from strong gauge metal
  • Makes use of the modern "butterfly style" foldable grips
  • Extremely resilient and also with good care, will last for a long time.
  • Could be utilized for food preparation, warming up water, asking for help (metal slamming on metal is a wonderful noise producer), heater (in conjunction with gel fuel or perhaps Esbit tabs), emergency shovel or simply preparing a cup of coffee. Ideal to use on a meths burner.