U.S Army 4 Piece FULL Modular Sleep System


US military modular 4 Piece MSS sleeping systems. You get 2 sleeping bags, compression sack + Tennier Industries bivi bag.

This 4 piece MSS (Modular Sleep System) was devised by the US army as part of its military equipment systems for ground forces.

The MSS 4 piece system, consists of two sleeping bags, a goretx bivy bag and a waterproof stuff sack. When the two sleeping bags and the bivy are arranged in different combinations, the system can cover a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Each sleeping bag can be used separately or in combination with the bivy, or both bags and the bivy can be fitted together for a claimed temperature rating of -30F. All of the components can snap together to prevent sliding around.

Patrol Bag (Green) features:

  • Temperature rating to -30F.
  • Reversible double-pull (opens end to end) slider allows top or bottom ventilation
  • Non-locking slide fastener self repairs if jammed or snagged.
  • Draft flap prevents heat loss
  • Hood adjusts for heat retention; includes nylon drawcord and barrel lock
  • Measures 92 x 37 in to 92 x 24 in

Intermediate Cold Weather Bag (Black) features:

  • Temperature to -10F
  • Free from cold spots
  • Insulation does not migrate in the bag
  • Anatomically designed foot box contains twice the insulation as the bag
  • Sewn-in, quilted chest collar prevents air drafts up and down through the hood
  • Hood adjusts for heat retention; includes nylon drawcord and barrel lock
  • Measures 87 x 35 in to 87 x 23 in

Bivi Bag Features:

  • Made of durably waterproof and windproof 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric
  • Approved by all departments and agencies of the Department of US Defence
  • Includes snap fastener and slide fastener
  • Measures 85 in x 28 in x 35 inches
  • Manufacturer; Tennier Industries

What you get: 2 x Sleeping Bags, 1 x Compression Sack, 1 x Goretex Bivi Bag.