U.S Army .30 Cal Steel Ammunition Box


Complete steel ammuntion box with rubber sealed waterproof lid. Designed for rifle caliber ammunition, specifically the 7.62 round - the same round used in the AK47 and M-13. These boxes are designed to hold 200 of the said rounds, but can be used for just about anything including fishing stuff, other ammo needs, bits and pieces. IT JUST LOOKS COOL and the PART. These were originally issued during the Vietnam war, so yeah - hoo-ah baby


  • Completely waterproof sealed and hinged lid.
  • Made form stainless, zinc-plated steel
  • Carry handle with strap loops.
  • Measures 27 x 17 x 10cm
  • Yellow markings on side, proper military font
  • Scuff markings and sign of usage (isn’t that what you want with this?)