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Swiss Army Mountain 60L Rucksack With Frame

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A well made, sturdy, simple and virtually indestructible, Swiss made army backpacks. This decent rubberised semi waterproof rucksack holds around 60L with the outer pocket.

These large backpacks are the last of a generation of uber Swiss army quality featuring traditional heavy duty rubber fabric with uncompromising nylon material and thick leather straps. Not exactly light or ultra comfortable but if you're looking for something that will never fail, this is the candidate.

  • Main compartment measures approximately 40 x 20 x 50 cm.
  • The Materials used are of steel, leather and rubberized nylon.
  • The bottom of both the main compartment and exterior pouches are reinforced with thick skin.
  • A large piece of leather is stretched out against the lower back, allowing a vent between the contraction and the back of the user.
  • A two part, flexible metal structure is sewn on the back.
  • A large pocket on the outside with strap closure.
  • A long neck to the mouth of the main compartment.
  • Thick leather straps as well as padded interior. The right hand strap has a quick release metal buckle.
  • 60L volume, with attachment points on the outside for other stuff such as sleeping bags, entrenchment tool etc.
  • Straps and base of bag may be olive in colour and differ from picture shown
  • Will probably last longer than you.

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