Swiss Army Gel Fuel Stove Cooker


A portable lightweight emergency cooker, filled with a gel fuel. Comes with its own aluminium stand to place your mess tin on.

There is enough gel fuel in here to boil one litre of water and make yourself one meal. Item is re-usable though so don’t worry. You can refill with meths, gel fuel, hexamine - whatever you want.

To use:

  • Take everything out wrapped
  • Remove the screw lid
  • Remove the aluminium sleeve with a tin opener
  • Place the cooking stand within the edges
  • Light up the gel and away you go
  • To extinguish, place the screw lid back on to choke the fire

Please ensure you cook on a flat, even and non-flammable surface as it does get very hot.


  • Size: 8 x 6cm
  • All packs away neatly
  • Comes with book of matches to light fuel.
  • Brand new and unissued