Trangia Cooking Stove with Burner


Swedish Trangia Stove
The combination of an aluminum mess tin and brass meths burner alcohol stove. A cooking stove that is basically indestructible, affordable and very effective. The mess tin and holder is a new production item from Mil-Tec, the rest is all genuine Swedish army surplus including the burner.

What’s included:

  • The black mess tin holder by Mil-Tec
  • Aluminum Swedish style mess tin by Mil-Tec.
  • Original Swedish brass meths burner
  • Original Swedish plastic alcohol holder bottle

Other information:

  • No fuel is included in the price but a small
  • Burner cup and fuel bottles are intended for transport in a mess Tin
  • Always a good idea to put them in a small clear plastic bag before transporting.
  • Wire handle has a small notch at the top to facilitate hanging kit mess over a campfire