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Swedish Army Alpine 45L Steel Frame Rucksack

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A legendary Swedish army 45 litre backpack and steel frame. A solid piece of kit that is strong and hardy - a great example for Nordic quality and design.

The bag itself is a large square canvas block strapped against a long steel strip on the top and other points on the frame allowing you to connect other equipment. Intelligent design in combination with top quality materials and implementation means this bag is durable and versatile for a variety of functions.


  • 2 Long Straps Over front of bag, means you can carry other equipment (sleeping bags)
  • Drawcord closure, ensures waterproofing
  • Steel frame, highly durable and allows attachment of other equipment
  • Clear plastic name tag insert
  • Bags are made from cotton canvas

Steel frame can be used on its own to carry other stuff excluding the bag such as boxes of mortar tubes, bricks etc.

May come with pen marks and slight fading.