Swedish Army 40L Vintage Expedition Rucksack with Frame


Swedish Army Surplus M39 Canvas Rucksack/40 Litre Military Surplus Rucksack from the 1950's and 60's.

This vintage swedish army rucksack is a 40 litre cotton canvas pack with a metal frame featuring high quality leather cow hide straps. This is essentially the same model as the original Bergen designs of the Norwegian army rucksacks as used by the allied paratroopers, commandos and special forces of world war 2 and the rest of the crew who found themselves lucky enough to be sent up mountains or galavanting around the arctic tundra.

If you dislike synthetic materials then your gonna love this backpack, just listen to this – a complete outer shell made of 100% of cotton duck canvas, leather and light steel!

This army backpack is built to a basic and practical design, the top of the pack is closed with a tie-string and leather straps which are fully adjustable. 2 leather cargo straps at the bottom allow extra stuff like a ground mat, blanket, basha or sleeping bag to be carried.

Further leather straps on the side allow for carrying an entrenchment tool or other similar equipment.

The surplus backpacks are all ex-issue and sold in good usable condition, to prolong the life cycle of the bag and get the best use of it we advise using some form of leather dubbin/grease & slight oiling of the leather straps and waxing of the canvas shell will help maintain its waterproof qualities – after all these are genuine vintage. Do that, and this will probably last for the next 200 years.