Swedish 35L Canvas Rucksack With Frame


A Swedish framed rucksack, but a damn beasty one - it features the Norwegian style steel frame, with a large main compartment (40L) and a large lid to cover the whole thing.

The Swedes had their M39 rucksack back in the good old days, then later on came the LK35. We think these rucksackss are probably from the 50's or 60's.

The steel frame is the same shape as seen on the old Norwegian army packs. All straps are made from durable nylon , whilst the pack is made from quality cotton canvas. The carry capacity is roughly 40 liters, with lots of strap attachment points for extra kit. All in all this is a damn nice vintage style military rucksack for heavy use!

Used military surplus, still in perfectly serviceable condition with small repairs, markings and other signs of wear.