SnugPak Jungle Sleeping Bag


Now being issued to the British Forces who are deployed overseas, this sleeping bag replaces the old jungle / warm weather sleeping bag made in house. This reflects the shift of sourcing ready made civilian items for military purpose. This relieves a lot of the strain on developing kit for their troops and is indeed the way that the American soldiers are now being equipped - and they get some top gear! This means the British Army can focus on providing really top gear on the stuff that they do make.

This bag features ‘Travelsoft’ insulations, chosen due to its excellent performance in hot and arid conditions, allowing the user to breath yet remain insulated with ease. The bag can be zipped out the whole way to turn into a large duvet for 2.


  • Comes with stuff sack
  • Lightweight only 870g
  • Mosquito netting at head, which tucks away into hood if not needed
  • 2 Season Bag
  • Dark olive in colour
  • Right hand side zip
  • Lower temperature 2C
  • Length 220cm
  • 12 x 14cm Packed
  • Special anti-microbial coating prevents build up sweat and smell
  • Grade 1 Used Condition, may come with scuff marks, little nicks to the fabric