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Russian Army CCCP Gas Mask With Hose & Filter

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Once common issue to Russian Forces, the GP-5 straight from the cold war era. Comes with canvas carry bag in khaki, filter and a rubber hose.

These are sold as collectible and display models, we do not guarantee safety for any use yet we see no reason why they shouldn’t do as it says. Most units are near new and haven’t been used but again cannot provide guarantee that they are all like this, they are all in still good nick.

The white stuff on the inside of the mask is talcum powder so as to keep the rubber soft and stretchy, which can be wash off.


  • Rubber mask, marked in weird Russian sizes through from 0 to 5.
  • Comes with hose, mask and filter
  • Cannot guarantee any protection from gas attacks etc.
  • Vintage mask, but mostly hardly used

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