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Polish Army WZ 97 Camo Rucksack

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The WZ 97 Backpack is the current issue backpack of the Polish Army. This modern backpack replaces the older WZ 89 and WZ 93 backpacks. Some experts would consider this WZ 97 to be the very first modern backpack issued by the Polish Army.


  • Very large pack - while we don't know the exact storage volume, it is larger than the French Alpine Backpack which holds more than 70L.
  • Bottom or top loading pack - Zippered access can be found at bottom of the pack, or you can load through the top portion.
  • Interior is sealed with a drawstring cord, with a top cover that secured by buckles
  • Large interior pocket - allows you to separate gear inside the backpack
  • Three large exterior pockets - easy access to gear that doesn't need to be stored inside the pack
  • Padded shoulder straps with secure buckle to ensure pack rides comfortably and hands free