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Norwegian Army 'TeleMark Pack' Mountain Rucksack

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We're delighted to add the Norwegian ‘Recon’ range backpack made from Norwegian canvas and elk-leather. This legendary ‘Telemark Pack’ - “Telemark” - an area in southern Norway - is a pack utilised in the mountain tops by the Norwegian Military to whom these rucksacks were initially produced for. It was originally designed by the Bergans Of Norway, the organisation founded by Ole Bergan who designed his first backpack in 1908 and still remains a number one outside equipment supplier. The term “bergen” has been utilised within the military since that time to mean a complete size military backpack capable of carrying 3-5 days worth of gear. This bag was featured within the classic war film according to an incredible true story of Norwegian resistance against Nazi occupation, "Heroes Of Telemark". These rucksacks were also used by the British Army’s Royal Marine Commando showing true prestige and heritage of the bag - to this day a large number of ex-Royal Marine corps use the Norwegian Recon Telemark packs, despite many modern rucksacks in the marketplace proves the toughness and utility of these great vintage packs.

It really is an incredible, tough pack, huge in capacity and very adaptable to transporting a bedroll or any other gear on the top. Decent and correct large side-pockets as well as leather trimmed slits on both sides between your primary bucket and also the side pockets for ski’s, ice axe or hatchets etc. A complete variety of thick quality leather straps for affixing gear along with a very comfortable leather harness suspension and connectors plus a remarkably lightweight little exterior steel frame that keeps the backpack in an exceedingly good position lying on your back regardless of how many kilos you're transporting. We recommend you treat the leather with special protecting oils and hand wax the canvas to provide an attractive water-resistant finish. This bag is a real classic and something that is still virtually unequalled - a complete privilege to possess and use.

  • Vintage bags, probably 50's/60's
  • Scuff marks, pen marks, repairs may be visibile

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