Military 2 Man Ridge Tent Desert Camo


Dutch Army 2 Man Ridge Tent Desert Camo
This is a genuine issue Dutch army 2 person ridge tent, a strong contender against many other top branded tents three or four times the price. Rolls up into its own stuff sack, Approx size rolled up, 2ft L x 1Ft D - weight is around 4.5kg

When rolled out and propped up, tent is 8ft x 3ft x 4ftH, comes with high quality ground sheet and waterproof outer material. Included with tent pegs, guy ropes and tent poles. Opens on both sides can join together with another dutch army tent, thus becoming one large singular tent. High quality water resistant outer stiched in fly sheet.

Please note these are military surplus items and may have been used by serving personnel or have been in storage over periods of time, the tents may also come with either metal, fibre glass or wood reinforced poles and may differ from the colours shown in the pictures advertised.

Features Include;

  • Minimum set up time, Approx 5 mins.
  • Great for all outdoor activities
  • Waterproof outer shell
  • 2 tents can be zipped together to form a larger tent
  • Size 8ft x 3ft x 4ftH
  • size rolled up, 2ft L x 1Ft D
  • High quality ground sheet
  • Weight is around 4.5kg