Real Tree Hunting Camo Vest


Real Tree Hunting Camo Vest
If you are up for a bit of hunting or fishing, or whatever hunting outdoor pursuit, be sure to get this. With lots of pockets on the front, D-rings this is a good vest in the real tree / hunters camo pattern that will hold most of your stuff within arms reach. This camo pattern is a passive camouflage, ideal if you’re standing still in one spot waiting to hit the target.

Made from a thick 20% cotton and 80% polyester blend by MilTec in Germany.


  • A whopping total of 14 pockets in total!
  • 9 pockets on the front.
  • Bottom 2 pockets are big and zipped. Which have another 3 on top with stud closure and velcro fastening.
  • 2 Middle pockets close with snap closure.
  • 2 Top are wee small ones with d-rings attached.
  • Stud closure loop on the front in the middle is for a fishing rod, also closes over the vest
  • Four inner pockets, two with zip closure and the other two with velcro fastening.
  • One large poacher’s pocket on the back, with zip closure. Takes up 3/4 of the back, so huge.
  • Zip up closure on the front