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Mil-Tec German Mountain Rucksack 65L Olive

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It is a superb smaller sized rucksack intended for conditions in which a massive backpack such as a bergin is just too big and a small daysack not big enough. The capacity of this rucksack is around 65 litres.

In addition to the main inner compartment, this rucksack has lots of other types of features: At the base of the bag there is a separate inner compartment for the purpose of carrying waterproof clothing, which is closed using a zip as well as two plastic buckles which clip over. Both side pouches or pockets are sizeable and are stiched not fully onto the bag but rather around the edges. It's designed this way so that other equipment, which the soldiers need to lug around with them, such as a shovel or tools etc can fit behind it. The two small straps at the base of the bag on the front are designed so that the bag can carry a rifle however, other equipment can also be fitted here. The main flap which goes over the bag to cloes the main compartmen is big and features a large pocket with a zip. The two main straps on the front use plastic buckles and is used to help carry additional equipment such as sleeping bags.

Even though this backpack lacks a frame, the German army provide foldable sleeping mats to their soliders. These slip directly into an inner compartment which therefore keeps the backpack firm and sturdy whilst travelling. This makes it more comfortable to carry around. This actually also removes the necessity to travel with a conventional rollup mat outside of the backpack, basically enabling a lot more equipment to get secured on as needed.

The bag is produced from strong and durable polyester fabric.

New condition.