Mil-Tec Black Tactical Leather Security Boots


A tactical, lightweight trainer type boot ideal for urban environments. This boot, has good insulating properties, whilst still being somewhat breathable. Will keep the water out up to a certain degree, a quick step in a puddle isn’t going to get your feet soaking and neither is the rain.

Made from action cowhide leather and cordura fabric upper, these boots are for those people who don’t like the conventional feel of solid leather boots and want that trainer feel yet providing the needed ankle support.


  • Mesh panels allow your feet to breath, but doesn’t let water in.
  • Stitched tongue up to the end of the metal eyelets
  • 8 Eyelets in total
  • Pull tap at back of boot for easy removal
  • Polyester lining to keep feet warm
  • Soft polyurethane insole
  • Made from action cow hide leather and cordura