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Mil-Tec Italian Military Style Metal Compass


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Italian Military Style Metal Compass with Calibration
A totally precision compass made from steel, packed full of features and will ensure you don’t get let lost on your next hiking or orienteering trip. This compass has a 360° dial that initially helps you to find your bearing, with a reading lens/prism helping you to set north on an object set at 100m. Once you’ve aligned yourself with north, you can then align your map accordingly. There is a spirit level / bubble that ensures you have set this correctly. Once done, you will able to find your marching direction and navigate the map correctly. There is also a clinometer, that helps to determine the height and slope of an object. Measuring the distance of the object is done with the ruler on the side, marked to the ratio of 1:25,000 metres.

Features Include:

  • Clinometer
  • Magnification prism for setting north
  • Adjustable scope like eyepiece for setting north
  • 360° Pivoting Dial
  • 1:25,000m Scale ruler on side
  • Spirit Level Bubble
  • Glass sight with aiming line for distance measuring
  • Comes with full instruction booklet.
  • Brand new and made by Mil-Tec

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