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Italian Army Canvas Khaki Rucksack

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A pretty tough retro rucksack with lots of charm and very little of that Italian styling you see with their surplus, just a good and study large canvas rucksack.

This bag as far as we are aware was designed for alpine forces and troops back in the day when frames and sternum straps were hardly seen. This bag was probably made some time around the 50’s/60’s. With a large main compartment, we reckon it holds around 60L and this closes over with a chain and metal eyelet grommets. The chain doesn’t have the best length, we recommend using a length of paracord, it will be easier than fumbling about with the chain constantly.

Apart from the complex closing system, the bag is fairly straight forward, featuring 2inch wide canvas shoulder straps and 2 side pouches. The main compartment and side pouches both close over with a quick release system.

They don’t make canvas bags as bomb proof like this anymore!

In used condition, may come with pen marks, nicks to fabric but overall in good nick.