German Army Mountain 45 Litre RuckSack


Originally issued to the German mountain troops, this 45L rucksack is a hard-wearing rucksack manufacture to high German military specifications. These are the real surplus item, not to be confused with Chinese imitations and are coming to you used.

It is a plain normal size rucksack with two side pockets and two main straps with go over the front of the pack to secure additional equipment such as a lightweight sleeping bag to. These straps are easily adjusted and so can accommodate a variety of equipment.

The shoulder straps are lightly padded and there is a also a waist strap to help the bag fit snugly whilst worn.

The side pockets have further straps coming over them to secure additional equipment and the pockets themselves are sewn in around the sides, to ensure you can fit items such as skis or ice picks underneath.

Very popular rucksack and for good reason. Used but in very serviceable condition!