German Army Goretex Mountain Boots


If you are looking for the best in Goretex boots that will cater for the most rugged and unforgiving terrain, then these boots issued to the elite German military mountain troops are made by such renowned manufacturers such as, Lowa and Haix. Extremely comfortable and designed to be worn for long periods at a time you won’t have any feet problems wearing these badboys anywhere and at anytime. Designed to keep your feet dry and well protected and breathable is what these boots are meant for and if that sounds like your ticket then you’re in luck.

Extremely well made and engineered (as is typical by anything German these days), the tough materials will protect your feet on every side imaginable. These are made to a no nonsense straightforward military style design, no fancy nubuck leather or colourful laces and all the other stuff they put these days on hiking boots - just high quality materials, durability and workmanship. These factors combined ensure that they are not only durable and long lasting but really, a work of engineering art.

The best pair of Goretex boots for all kinds of hostile and rugged mountainous environments, made for and tested to full military specifications. All of these boots which you will receive are all ex-issue, which means they have been worn and have varying signs of wear. This means that they’re broken in for you already and will be comfy straight off the bat. Don’t expect a brand new pair of boots, this is why you are saving a huge amount.

Features Include:

· 18 cm high.

· Completely waterproof and breathable

· 2,5 - 2,7 mm thick leather.

· Upper made of leather + leather tongue.

· Gore-Tex performance membrane.

· Cambrelle lining keeps feet dry from perspiration and water.

· Cushioned rubber/PU sole with added foot arch support.

· Special tread pattern to maximize grip in rough terrain. The sole is curved from the heel and nose for easier walking.

· Wide last to accommodate a few pairs of socks.

· Made of large pieces of leather minimizing the amount of seams, especially on the lower part.

· A rubber reinforcement just above the sole running around the whole boot.

· Climate system air-holes in the upper part of the boot lets air escape during the motion of walking.

· Grooves on the heel to fit Ski's.

Important: Never use regular shoe polish or grease with Goretex membrane boots. Use only those which are specifically designed for them. Regular polish, will clog the membrane and destroy the boots function to allow breathability.