German Army FULL Webbing Kit


Before the IDZ-vest became the standard issued vest, the Bundeswher were using this webbing system as the norm. Issued around the mid 90’s so lasted a good few years before being upgraded to the new U.S Style Molle System. Still a wonderful and useful set of webbing if you need access to G3 pouches, as these are pretty unique in themselves.

All of the pouches are made from hard wearing cordura, in flecktarn exclusively and the harness and belt are made from soft durable polycotton in olive.


  • Webbing belt, with 10cm adjustment - this is why we need your waist size
  • 2 x G3 Double Magazine pouches with Spanish Buckle
  • 1 x Utility pouch with Spanish Buckle release
  • 1 x Haversack which fits all your pouches and belts inside for easy transport - double prong closure
  • 1 x Entrenchment tool pouch with Spanish buckle
  • 1 x Shoulder straps with additional attachment points for 2 x g3 mag pouches. Can carry a total of 4 pouches. Pouches are sold seperately.
  • Uses German Army PLCE system, plastic clip system. You can purchase metal clips with means you can attach MOLLE also.
  • Good overall condition, may have scuff marks, fading to the pouches.