French Army Alpine Dome Tent


French Army Alpine Dome Tent
The French Army Alpine Dome Tent is a high performance tent from the French Foreign Legion. These tents would be deployed for use by soldiers in areas where the weather was extreme, either hot or cold. The tent is designed in a manner that provides for use in both extreme conditions and is designed to fit up to three soldiers.
There is a water resistant flysheet that is included with the tent, which will keep the rain and snow from soaking through the base tent. The base tent and fly sheet are equipped with both ventilation holes suitable for using with a tent heater and mosquito windows for allowing for ventilation without letting in insects. Once assembled fully, there are double vestibules on each side of the tent which will act as storage compartment for your wet gear that you do not want to bring into the tent.

Features Include:

  • Authentic French Foreign Legion Tent
  • Includes Base Tent and Flysheet
  • Two Ventilation Holes - For Heater Exhaust
  • Includes All Accessories for Assembly
  • Dimensions: 6' L x 7' W x 3'6" H (approximate)