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Dupont German Army Nomex Tactical Gloves Olive

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These German Army style reproduction gloves by Mil-Tec are used by troops specifically for combat situations where there is a need to operate a rifle. As they are thin it means they have total movement and flexibility as well as feeling within the gloves when worn. Taken from a design of nomex pilot gloves, these have been specifically re-engineered for use with the infantry.

They are made from nomex and leather, helping to ensuring fireproofing and good grip of guns. The palms are made exclusively from leather, going from the wrist to the tip of each finger. The leather on the palm gives excellent grip and handling capabilities. The gloves are held firmly in place by elastic straps on the wrists. The knuckles on the other side also have a strip of leather to ensure durability when a soldier is kneeling. Long gauntlet sleeves offer protection from cuts and scrapes.

As these are tactical gloves they offer good grip and handling when a sensitive touch is required. Thus, it makes life easy when working with things like triggers or small bits and pieces such as car parts etc.

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