Carinthia Mountain Bag | German Army Goretex Bivvy Bag


The Carinthia Mountain Combat Gore-Tex® Bivi Bag has a minimal stuff size and weight. This bag has been made for the Bundeswehr army, or German Army special forces. It is an incredible bag and is not to be taken lightly. It uses Gore-Tex Exchange Lite which means you can remain totally insulated from all elements. Think of it as a portable tent. It's huge when open, meaning you can fit in your sleeping bag along with some clothes and other essentials you need to keep out from the outside rain.

Perfect for mountaineering or as part of survival packages, this Gore-Tex® Bivi Bag is NATO approved for combat situations. Good for explorers, extreme lightweight expeditions

The outer shell is made of Gore-Tex® laminate which is waterproof, windproof and vapour permeable.

  • NATO approved
  • Pack size: 32cm x 8cm
  • Open size: 250 x 95 x 53cm
  • Weight 1000g
  • Same bag on website - 350Eur brand new