Britsh Army Desert Camo DPM Flak Vest


Genuine British Army issue body armour flak vest, this is for the vest itself without any kevlar 9mm ballistic proof liner or plates. We sell both separately if necessary, please contact us for more info.

Issued around the gulf war, early 90’s these were in active service until replaced by the Osprey molle system. The kevlar lining will stop a 9mm round, whilst the plates which protect the main organ areas stop up to a 7.62 round.


  • Cotton/polyester outer
  • Front opening with double velcro flap
  • Fully adjustable side gusset with 2 velcro straps either side
  • Internal access for kevlar lining
  • Front and pack velcro fastened pockets for trauma plate (not included)
  • Machine washable
  • Rank insignia epaulette
  • May come with fading, and scuff marks.