British Under Body Armour MTP Shirt

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Under Body Armour MTP Shirt
The under body army combat' shirt is a versatile and modern addition to the British Forces kit. Designed to be worn under body armour systems, as well as assault vests. Made to full UK, MOD specifications. The torso part is made of a breathable and stretch Coolmax fabric and comes in full multi camo. The shoulders/arms are made form a poly cotton blend with multi camouflage pattern. All items are sold as used and may have small marks

Features Include:

  • A short stand-up collar
  • Half-length zipper
  • Adjustable cuffs with button closure
  • Velcro pockets on the sleeves (where the flashes go).
  • Coolmax torso, keeping you cool and free from sweat.
  • Doesn't come with velcro flashes
  • Excellent condition