British Army Woodland DPM Medic Bergen


Genuine British Army Issue Medical Pack, DPM Battlefield Ambulance.

This Item is in Infra-Red Resistant Woodland Camouflage and is in a good used condition.

This item would be used by a medic to carry treatments and medicines to wounded parties.

This Rucksack could also be used by Doctors on High-Altitude or Remote Location Expeditions to transport supplies from your Base Camp to Injured Group Members...


Genuine British Army Issue "Pack Medical" - Battlefield Ambulance

Woodland DPM Camouflage

IRR - Infra-Red Resistant

2 x Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps

1 x Padded Adjustable Waist Belt that allow the user to even distribute the load

1 x Robust Webbing Carrying Handle

14 x Mesh Storage Pouches (All of which have Plastic Label Holders)

4 x 12" by 8"

8 x 9" x 5"

1 x 3" by 14"

1 x 4" by 14"

The Pack is 5ft 6" in Length (When Rolled Out) and is Secured with Velcro and two Quick Release Clips for Transit

11 x External Quick Release Adjustable Webbing Loops for Securing Extra Equipment

Also Includes Genuine British Army Issue 1 x "Roll Medical"

NATO Stock Number: NSN 6545-99-131-3965

Woodland DPM Camouflage

15" x 10"

This Item will Hold 36 Individual Treatments Medicines using 2 Piece Elasticated Restraints that will accommidate various sized Bottles and Vials.

18 x Plastic Label Holders

The Seperate "Roll Medical" can be carried seperately using the Webbing Carrying Handle, or by Fixed to the "Pack Medical" with the Velcro Strips and