British Army Signalling Torch MS2000 Firefly


MS2000 'Firefly' single frequency strobe (Light, Marker, Distress) by ACR Electronics USA.

Genuine military issue item carried by UK and US aircrew, Special Forces and other forward operating troops. Used to mark locations and signal to air assets.

Choice of light levels, white for high visibility, blue for reduced visibility and attached IR shield for covert use in tactical environments.

Water resistant to 50 feet, wire retained battery hatch with sealing O ring.

Runs from 2 AA batteries (not included). 11 x 5 x 2cm, weighs 135 grammes including batteries.

Fresh batteries provide up to 8 hours continuous use. This time may vary with batteries used and operating temperatures.

Various manufacture dates, these are in a new condition, in the box or bag, but sold as surplus.

Full working order and complete with lanyard. Outsized sliding switch is easy to use with cold or gloved hands.

'Raised Polarity Indicators' ensure you fit batteries correctly, even in low light.

Two Strobes shown to illustrate IR shield extended (right) and folded (left), single unit supplied. Coin for scale only not included.

Tip:The silver of a Space Blanket can be used as a reflector to increase the visibility of a strobe.