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British Army MTP Osprey Tactical Assault Vest

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The Osprey body armour system is the current generation of protective battle protection used extensively by the British Armed Forces in all major deployments of today. The system is in its fourth iteration following extensive development and engagement with front line users.

Following active fielding testing in the battle zones of Iraq by both British and American forces the Osprey armour system was released in 2006 for general use. It has subsequently undergone new development and in late 2010, version 4 was issued to personnel serving in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick.

The Osprey body armour system is designed and manufactured by CQC Ltd. The Osprey system is modular and built around a vest which covers the torso. Protective elements to cover the upper arms and around the neck and throat can be added to the main vest.

The vest has webbing tape, similar to the Pouch Attachment Ladder System, stitched to the outside to act as a basis for a series of pouches and accessories, removing the need to wear a webbing harness or assault vest over the armour.

The vest consists of a front and rear soft armour panel, which join with the aid of hook & loop fasteners and press studs at the shoulders and waist sides. The panels contain a ceramic trauma plate both front and rear, protected by a rubber surround intended to avoid wear and tear in routine use. Version 4 of the armour introduces additional side panels designed to contain further trauma plates.

Clips on the vest are available for the fitting of a British type Camekgak or Bergen side pouch on the rear, and a respirator haversack on the bottom left.

The Mk 4 Osprey system is the ultimate in body armour, comes new and unissued, Osprey body armour cover with all brassards, shoulder shields, collars and other additional tidbits.

Features Include:

  • Cover 170/112
  • front chest flap
  • side fastenings that can be fitted with ballistic plates
  • left and right shoulder brassard
  • left and right shoulder pad with Kevlar
  • 2 neck collars
  • 3xsharp shooter single quick release pouch
  • 3x double mag pouch
  • 1x smoke pouch
  • 2x large equipment pouch
  • 1x utility pouch
  • 1x grenade pouch
  • 1x9mm pouch
  • spare clips and fixings (please see the photos)

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