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British Army MTP Osprey Side Plate Pocket – Pair


Only 4 in stock.

The British MTP side plate pocket is a flat MOLLE pouch that measures 22cm tall and 30cm wide. It accommodates a 20cm x 20cm x 1cm plate within the pocket space which opens with a velcro lid. The excess space on either side of the plate has an extra MOLLE loop for attaching keepers to help stabilise the plate on the armour carrier.

The front of the side plate pocket has four 25mm MOLLE straps laid horizontally, stitched vertically to make 7 loops each. The rear of the panel attaches to the base with four vertical MOLLE straps which button down onto the body. 25mm straps for interweaving the pocket onto the base are also provided. A 40mm velcro closing strap is provided inside the pocket to prevent the plate from slipping out, should the lid be opened.

Can be used as a panel or document wallet. Made of Milspec IRR MTP Cordura, with MTP printed straps.

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