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Soldier 95 Woodland DPM Trousers


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Soldier 95 Woodland DPM Trousers
One of the best, lightweight and comfortable field trousers ever designed. This is the original soldier 95 pattern, issued until MTP came around. These are made from heavy duty cotton ripstop yet still have a nice lightness to them. Due to their weave, they breath well, dry fast and offer decent wind protection. Can be worn in summer or winter with your long johns underneath.

Features include:

  • Zipper fly
  • One button-closure back pocket
  • Two cargo pockets with Canada style button closure, these fold over ensuring nothing falls out
  • Wide belt loops, for those big wide British Army belts that they get issues
  • Button closure at the top which is on string
  • Soft internal rope for ensuring trousers are tight
  • Drawstring bottoms
  • Lightweight and offer good rain and wind protection
  • Used condition, may come with repairs, scuff marks, minor holes and missing ropes in some places

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