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British Army DPM Camo Assault Vest

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Genuine british army DPM assault vest. On the label, the British Army has labeled it as ‘Waistcoat Mans, General Purpose Ops’. Made from heavy duty cordura fabric and has an anti-wicking mesh on the back to prevent sweat build up and negating the need to wash the item.

Based on the old British Army PLCE system, before being replaced by the MOLLE system some time in 2009/2010, these are still good and useful for a variety of tactical and combat scenarios.

All pouches are stitched on and close with small plastic quick release buckles. All utility pouches close with waterproof nylon and drawstring, ensuring your items stay dry.


  • 8 Pouches in Total
  • Total Mesh Lining makes item lighter and breathable
  • 2 Adjustable cords at back as well as 3 on the front with quick release closure ensure item fits any size.
  • 2 x triple m4 mag pouches means you can carry a total of 6 mags.
  • 6 x Utility Pouches with drawstring waterproof closure
  • 2 x Large internal zipped pockets with pistol holster on left side - mesh pocked on the right.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, which means you can wear the item higher or lower as you wish. This is velcro / buckle fastened.
  • 4 x Large plastic prongs on back for attachment of other PLCE equipment onto back such as camekgak.
  • Used condition, may come faded, clips may be damaged, may have scuff marks and rips

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