British Army Desert DPM Soldier 90 Field Jacket


Before the more recent and more well known soldier 95, there was this - the 85/90 pattern. These jackets were made from heavy duty cotton, instead of the newer ripstop fabrics and blends introduced for the 95.

Made from a thick cotton and works with the layered clothing system adopted through the British Military, this is the jacket issued before the ripstop desert jackets came into being.


  • Genuine ex-issue British Armed Forces jacket.
  • 4 Front Bulgy Pockets, fastened with buttons.
  • Large dump pockets, behind two top pockets with YKK zip fastening.
  • The jacket features a durable two-way zipper fastened over with buttons
  • Adjustable velcro cuffs
  • Has epaulettes and British flag on sleeve
  • Small pockets on each sleeve
  • Made from thick cotton, keeping wind out with ease
  • Used grade one condition