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Cyalume Signalling Device


In stock.

Cyalume brand chemical 6"/ 15cm snap light with cord
With minimum 8 hours of light output. Fitted with 1m of issue nylon cord, this allows the user to spin the Cyalume on the cord creating a 'buzzsaw' effect, increasing the visibility of the light. This method is in use with some military units for self marking by casualties or ground to air signalling.

Features Include:

  • Excellent lightweight emergency light source with 360 illumination.
  • Suitable for multiple uses including markers, map reading and identification.
  • Waterproof and visible up to a mile, no sparks and no batteries to run down.
  • Snap and shake for continuous light for up to 8 hours.
  • Weighs just 22grammes and fits into a pocket or pouch, genuine issue item.

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