British Army Short Back DPM Bergen


British Army 90L Short Back DPM Bergen without Pouches
This is the PLCE British Army Rucksack featuring the DPM woodland camouflage pattern. Introduced some time around the 80’s during the falklands war, these Bergens were developed along with help from Berghaus. Featuring lots of YKK plastic heavy duty zips and hardwearing cordura fabric, this Bergen/rucksack is a serious bit of hard wearing kit and can hold all of your clothes and equipment with ease.

Inside there is a lightweight detachable aluminium frame to make things easier to transport is a far cry from the M58 type stuff that came before it. This item does not come with side pouches

Features Include:

  • A large 90 litre main inner compartment
  • Good padded and firm fitting shoulder straps
  • Adjustable waist straps with padding
  • Detachable inner aluminium frame
  • Inner rain cover with pullcord
  • Inner pouch on top of the flap for storing keys etc.
  • Good used, Grade 1 condition. Odd strap may be frayed as well as some scuff marks
  • Not supplied with side pouches