Belgian Army Jigsaw DPM 110L Bergen


Very much like the British Army bergen, probably modelled after it due to the sheer robustness and great design of it.

Similar materials (Cordura) ensure the bag will take a good hammering. All zips should be metal and robust also, if not YKK plastic like the British one. This is because not all bags are made by the same manufacturer’s - such is the nature of army surplus.

The side pockets are stitched.


  • A large 100 litre main inner compartment
  • Good padded and firm fitting shoulder straps
  • Adjustable waist straps with padding
  • Detachable inner aluminium frame
  • Inner rain cover with pullcord
  • Side pockets adding an extra 20L which can be removed.
  • Inner pouch on top of the flap for storing keys etc.
  • Grade 1 condition. Zips may be faulty on side pouches (but will still attach by clips and straps). Buckles may be missing/broken. Item will be faded, used and with marks.