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Shop Info

About The Shop

Well, we don't actually have a shop shop, the shop is our warehouse and our warehouse is open to the public.

It would be of great help if you could have a list of the items you require to purchase before coming in that you have seen on the website. This helps us greatly as our stock is in various locations and requires the computer to locate it. However, if you want to come and have a look around... please feel free to do so!

Quick Contact Details

Block 5, Unit 5 Oakbank Trading Estate
38 Oakbank Street
G20 7LU

tel: 0141 5521661

Opening Hours

Monday - 10:00am - 5.00pm
Tuesday - 10:00am - 5.00pm
Wednesday - 10:00am - 5.00pm
Thursday - 10:00am - 5.00pm
Friday - 10:00am - 5.00pm
Saturday - 11:00am - 5.00pm
Sunday - Usually Closed (if no one answers phone don't go)

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