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  1. Mil-Tec Orienteering Map Compass


    Liquid filled map compass with double scale and magnifying glass. These are very much like the silva compasses you see the British Army using.

    Here’s a great guide on how to use it -

    Remember a map is your biggest asset!


    • cm ruler on one side
    • 1:50,000m ruler on at top
    • 1:25,000m ruler on other side
    • Yellow paracord lanyard making it hard to lose
    • Adjustable dial
    • Magnifying glass for your map reading

  2. U.S Army Style M2 Artillery Compass

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  3. Italian Military Style Metal Compass with Calibration


    A totally precision compass made from steel, these are packed full of features and will ensure you don’t get let lost on your next hiking or orienteering trip.

    This compass has a 360° dial that initially helps you to find your bearing, with a reading lens/prism helping you to initially set north on an object set at 100m. Once you’ve aligned yourself with north, you can then align your map accordingly. There is a spirit level / bubble that ensures you have set this correctly. Once done, you will able to find your marching direction and navigate the map correctly.

    There is also a clinometer, that helps to determine the height and slope of an object. Once you know the distance of the object you will be able to accurately find out the degree of the slope.

    Measuring the distance of the object is done with the ruler on the side, marked to the ratio of 1:25,000 metres.

    We recommend reading the instruction book thoroughly before usage with a sample map, unless your Bear Grylls and know what to do with it already.


    • Clinometer
    • Magnification prism for setting north
    • Adjustable scope like eyepiece for setting north
    • 360° Pivoting Dial
    • Wind rose compass
    • 1:25,000m Scale ruler on side
    • Spirit Level Bubble
    • Glass sight with aiming line for distance measuring
    • Comes with full instruction booklet.
    • Notches on book to help with calculating the degrees of a slope
    • Check this video out -
    • Brand new and made by Mil-Tec

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