Forestia - Beef Stroganoff




Classic beef stroganoff on a hearty creamy sauce with mushrooms and poached onions on a bed of long grain and wild rice.

Heater Bag:

Forestia heating bag is a water-activated heater used to heat food or drinks. You can warm your Forestia meal up in twelve minutes.
Forestia heater uses a mixture of salts to produce heat and cook packed meals. It is ideal to use in outdoor conditions to heat up your meals without the need of lighting a fire or carrying a stove. You just need 50 ml. of water to activate the heater bag, pour it inside and wait a few seconds for reaction to work. 

See how the heater bag works here:


Sauce (35%) (water, sour cream, butter, salt, dairy protein, modified corn starch, emulsifier (E-472e), stabilizer (E-415), tarragon, black pepper and nutmeg)
long grain and wice (30%), lean beef (20%), pre-fried mushroom 810%) (mushroom and sunflower oil), poached onion (5%) (onion, sunflower oil and caramel)
May contain traces of gluten.

Energy value: Per 100g / Per 350g

· Energy value: 119 kcal-498 kj / 416.5 kcal-1741 kj
· Fat: 6.1 g and 21.4g of which saturates / 3.3g and 11.6g
· Carbohydrate: 9.1g and 31.9g of which sugars / 0.7g and 2.5g
· Dietary fibre: 1.5g / 5.3g
· Protein: 7.7g/27g
· Salt: 1.1g /3.9g


Weight: 350 gr.
Dimensions: Height 22cm x Width 15cm x Depth: 3 cm