Black Boot Laces



Black 220cm Waxed Boot Laces
Basic shoelaces made of tough double wound polyester in black these are waxed for extra durability. You get two pairs per pack.
Not sure about the correct length for your shoes? Here are some basic guidelines:

  • 80 cm fits most low shoes (3-5 eyelets)
  • 140 cm is for most ankle boots (6-8 eyelets)
  • 180 cm is for most standard combat boots (8-10 eyelets).
  • 220 cm is for hi-leg combat boots (more than 10 eyelets)

If the 220cm is too long, you can wrap around at the top of the boot, or cut them and burn the end shut with a lighter.

Brand new and made by Mil-Tec in Germany